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Welcome to a transformative journey towards holistic wellness and vibrant living. I’m Philippa Miller, a dedicated naturopathic nutritionist with a profound commitment to your well-being. Allow me to introduce myself and the guiding principles that shape my approach to health and vitality.

My Journey to Holistic Wellness

In 2018, I officially embarked on my path as a naturopathic nutritionist, but my fascination with alternative medicine dates back to my childhood. Raised by a father who was a trailblazer in alternative medicine, I was exposed to unconventional healing practices at a young age, long before they gained widespread acceptance.

My thirst for knowledge led me to study hypnotherapy in 1990 and Traditional Chinese massage in 1993 under Dr. Lindsay Yeates in Australia. These experiences ignited my curiosity about the profound impact of our thoughts and how relaxation may affect our overall well-being. Can our inner dialogue lead us toward poor health? Most people are familiar with a placebo but not necessarily a nocebo effect. How can we transform our self-talk to reduce stress and improve our quality of life?

Throughout my journey, I delved into the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori and embraced the principles of the organic farming movement. These influences continue to shape my holistic approach to wellness.

As a mother of three children, all now in their 20s, I’ve chosen to specialise in preventive medicine and aging gracefully. My niche is bone health, with a specific focus on osteopenia and osteoporosis education and prevention.

reasons to partner with me:

Specialised Expertise

A naturopathic nutritionist with a focus on osteopenia and osteoporosis possessing specialised knowledge and experience in addressing these specific conditions. I can provide tailored guidance and recommendations to effectively manage and prevent bone density issues.

Holistic Approach

A naturopathic nutritional approach to bone health considers the interconnectedness of various factors including diet, lifestyle, stress and hormonal balance. It addresses the root causes of bone-related issues rather than just managing symptoms.

Preventive Strategies

Beyond addressing existing bone health concerns, this approach can help individuals develop preventive strategies to reduce the risk of future issues. This proactive approach is especially valuable for those with a family history of osteoporosis.


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Welcome to a world of holistic wellness, where transformation begins from within. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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